Our team

Viktor Petukhov

Tbilisi, Georgia

Viktor holds a PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Copenhagen. His main focus is on interpretable data analysis and statistical modeling. Having experience in academic research and for-profit AI consulting, he is now shifting towards providing infrastructure for new EA organizations.

Jaime R.V.

Munich, Germany

Jaime is a Software Developer with background in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering. With 5+ years of experience in the Robotics and Railway Industry his main focus at the moment is Data Science. With a tech focus on the architecture and MLOps, he is focusing on supporting EA groups and improving the EA infrastructure.

Georg Wind

Konstanz, Germany

Georg is pursuing a master’s degree in Social and Economic Data Science from the University of Konstanz and holds a BA in Philosophy & Economics from the University of Bayreuth. He has several years of experience in strategy development, operational management, and partnerships development for various NPOs.

Elena Plekhanova

Tbilisi, Georgia

Elena holds a PhD in Ecology from the University of Zurich. She's an expert in analysis of ecological data.

Past members

Severin Trösch

Bern, Switzerland

Senior Data Scientist at Datahouse AG. Severin came up with the original idea of SEADS.

David Marti

Basel, Switzerland

Programme Officer at a science & technology think tank Pour Demain